Southport Flower Show 2018

Southport Flower ShowSouthport Flower Show is an iconic event; the largest independent Flower Show in the UK, now in its 79th year.


People visit from all over the country and arrive by the coach-load (literally), so we were kept busy scanning tickets, mobile phone and passes, but when you are surrounded by so much enthusiasm time flies.


We have an open api for our access scanning and ticket verification system, which allowed EventCube, the on-line ticket sales portal for the event, to send us new tickets sales in real-time, so visitors could even buy tickets on their phones while they were on their way.


Southport Flower Show has a fantastic group of volunteers who were doing the ticket scanning with our easy to use software. Meanwhile our experienced gate supervisors were on-hand to offer support and manage gate logistics.


With a live dashboard and comprehensive reporting the InSite system provided loads of useful data for the organisers both during and post event. They are such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team, it’s great working with them.


A busy four days and a fun four days; what more could you ask. Can’t wait for next year, it’s the 80th