A Beautiful Day for a Beauty Conference

We had a busy day in Birmingham, scanning tickets into a Beauty Conference. With 4,000 people all arriving inside an hour, it’s just as well that our ticket scanning software is fast and easy. It meant we could get people checked in and off to their breakfast with no delays.


Our software also popped up the guest’s badge colour, making it quick to give the delegates the right lanyard, and letting the team direct them to the correct workshops and talks.


We also used the message popping, to identify delegates with dietary requirements as they checked in, so that they could be advised on the catering information they needed.


Of course, there are always some people who forget their tickets! But our access control software makes it easy for the entry team to easily look them up on the scanners, and quickly check them in.


The live dashboard lets organisers see how many people have arrived in real-time, as well as check if key guests had arrived. Combined with our post event attendance reports, our access control system is a powerful and informative tool for event planners.


Beauty Conference


Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash