Event Reporting & Analysis

Event Reporting and Analysis

Do you know what’s going on? Our live event reporting puts the information at your fingertips.

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Live Event Reporting

Event Reporting and Analysis

Get insight into your attendees’ behaviour and interactions with our powerful reporting solution for audience tracking and behaviour analysis.


Fully integrated with our secure Access Control and Guest-List entry management software you can see what’s happening in real-time: ‘How many people have arrived?’, ‘Are the Scottish region delegates on site yet?’, ‘How many VIP’s are in?’…


And it doesn’t stop at the door; within the event our smart RFID and data-collection solutions make it easy to track audience behaviour and engagement for analysis and reporting: from VIP entry and dwell time to how many people are in each seminar or how many goody-bags have been taken. There’s a wealth of information on what your visitors are doing while they are with you.


It’s easy to get the information into the right hands too. Our active alert system automatically pushes information out, reporting to the right people, ensuring they are kept informed however busy things are: automatically text account managers when their guests arrive, prompt hostesses with the right information for a great personal greeting when a VIP checks in, and more.


Post Event you have the data you need for analysis and understanding of your audience’s behaviour: from attendance lists to peak entry times; from big picture patterns to individual usage. Measure ROI of your event and activations; make informed decisions; and plan, improve and grow your event.



  • Live reporting.
  • Mobile reporting for phones and tablets.
  • Enables informed decision making.
  • RFID Integration for easy data collection.
  • Automated alert system.
  • Role based reporting - put the information into the right hands.
  • Actively manage your event.
  • Real-time information for improved safety.
  • Attendance reporting.
  • Respond in real-time to attendee behaviour.
  • Post Event Analysis.
  • Measure Event ROI.
  • Increase your understanding of your audience and their behaviour.
  • Export data and lots more...