Event Child Safety with KidBand

KIDBAND - Event Child Safety

Innovative child safety technology; smart software keeping children safe at events, festivals, fairs, venues and more…

Event Child Safety

kIDband Lite is our easy to use child safety registration system designed to help quickly reunite lost children with their parents. Parents can register their details against their child’s wristband pre or at an event. Then if a lost child is found their parent or guardian can quickly be contacted.
kIDband Extra is our innovative solution taking event child safety to the next level. In addition to the functionality of kIDband Lite, it also lets you monitor younger visitors leaving your event, and prompts for action if a child tries to leave with anyone other than an authorised adult.
Both kIDband Lite and kIDband Extra also allow off-site contact details and welfare
information such as allergies to be recorded so that it can be looked up quickly and
easily should it be needed.


  • Helping keep children safe.
  • Provides reassurance for both adults and children.
  • Pre and at event registration.
  • Stand alone or easy integration with your current ticketing system.
  • Quickly re-unite found children with their parent or guardian.
  • Easy access to registered important welfare information such as allergies.
  • Warn if children are being taken off-site by a non-related adult.
  • ICE information easily accessible by authorised system users.
  • Fast, flexible registration making it quick and easy to associate multiple children and adults in a party.