KidBand – Child Safety

KIDBAND - Keeping Children Safe

Innovative child safety technology: smart software keeping children safe on school buses, at school, events, festivals, fairs, venues and more…

Event Child Safety

kIDband Lite is our easy-to-use event child safety registration system designed to help quickly reunite lost children with their parents.

Parents can register their details against their child’s wristband pre or at an event. Then if a lost child is found their parent or guardian can quickly be contacted.

kIDband Extra is our innovative solution taking event child safety to the next level. In addition to the functionality of kIDband Lite, it also lets you monitor younger visitors leaving your event, and prompts for action if a child tries to leave with anyone other than an authorised adult.

Information such as allergies to be recorded so that it can be looked up quickly and
easily should it be needed.

kIDband Goes makes the most of RFID technology, to keep children safe while they travel to school, and during the school day.

Children simple tap their RFID pass when getting onto or off the school bus, and our smart software makes sure the child is getting on the right bus, (especially important at the end of the day, when there are lots of buses to choose from).

To ensure no child is put in danger by being forgotten on a bus, the bus driver is warned if a child has boarded the bus but not disembarked.

Parents can keep up to date on their child’s location by choosing to receive messages when the child taps in.

If there is ever concern about a child, each RFID tap of their pass is logged with time and location, authorised staff can access this information, for example to help quickly find a missing child.

Children can also tap their RFID passes when collecting their school meal to alert catering staff if the child has any allergies or dietary requirements.

kIDband Goes can also be used at school for children to tap into sessions, lessons or other activities, and to keep track of children on school trips.


  • Helping keep children safe.
  • Provides reassurance for both adults and children.
  • Quick, easy registration.
  • When used at events, can be stand alone or easily integrated with your ticketing system.
  • Quickly re-unite found children with their parent or guardian.
  • Easy access to welfare information such as allergies and dietary requirements.
  • Warn if children are being taken off-site by a non-related adult.
  • Makes sure children get on the right school bus.
  • Ensures that no child is put at risk by being forgotten on a bus.
  • Keeps children safe by recording when and where they tap in.
  • ICE information easily accessible by authorised system users.
  • Keeps children safe at school and during off-site trips and activities.