RFID Event Access Control & Experiential RFID

RFID Event Access Control & Experiential RFID

RFID technology is a powerful tool to help you deliver amazing events: from RFID Event Access Control for fast, efficient event entry management and audience tracking to using the power and versatility of Experiential RFID to create memorable attendee experiences.

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RFID Event Access Control

Reduce queues. Get people into your event quickly. Validate RFID wristbands, membership cards and name badges with just a tap.

Keep events safe & secure. Real-time validation to prevent ticket fraud and stop ticket passing. Pass-out and re-entry is supported (no more hand-stamping). Live cancellation means you can stop entry with the click of a button. For even tighter event security add photo pop-up.

Active Event Management. Live reporting let’s you actively manage your event. With real-time on-site and in zone figures, live access rates, etc., you can deploy staff responsively, direct attendees to less busy areas, manage fixed capacity areas, and more.

Flexible, robust deployment. Use fixed readers, handheld scanners or a mixture of both. Manage multiple gates, entrances and zones within your event: Camping Areas, VIP Zones, Backstage, Production Areas, wherever you need to control access. On-line and off-line operation with automatic failover & recovery to cope with any network problems.

Simple, Fast Fulfilment. RFID wristband exchange is quick and easy with our secure software. For conferences and exhibitions rapidly print RFID name badges.

A pass for any event.Whatever your event there is a suitable RFID tokens: from RFID wristbands to RFID name badges, membership cards, keyrings and more.

Easy Integration. Our systems are integrated with multiple ticketing partners. We also have our own easy-to-use registration software.

Powerful reporting. Get a better understanding of your audiences behaviour. Combine RFID Event Access Control and Experiential RFID for reporting right across your event.


Experiential RFID

RFID helps you deliver great event experiences. Here are just a few ideas for making the most of Experiential RFID:

  • Smart RFID Name Badges. Make your event badge work. Provide additional services, manage your event and get great event reports.
  • Register interest and request information. Let attendees register their interest and request information by a simple tap of their RFID badge or wristband. No need to carry bags of brochures home or wait for a stand staff member to be free.
  • Seminar Registration. Speed up seminar registration. Let attendees self-register with a tap of their RFID badge or wristband. Display availability and automatically stop overbooking.
  • Seminar Management. Attendees can check into seminars with a simple tap. For pre-booked seminars see confirmation that the attendee is registered. Real-time numbers warn you when the seminar room has reached capacity. Get full reports on seminar attendance.
  • Personalised Experience. RFID helps you personalise the guest experience. Prompt registration staff so that they can greet the guest appropriately. Display personalised messages at tap points, e.g. welcome the attendee by name as they check into a seminar.
  • Personalised Information. Keep the event running smoothly by letting guests check their personal schedules at tap information points.
  • Automatic Notifications. Get real-time notifications to your phone when VIPs, Speakers, etc. arrive.
  • Safety Compliance. Get alerts when attendees check in who haven’t completed all the necessary paperwork. Record participants have attended the safety briefing, etc. with a tap check-in.
  • Freebie Redemption. From a free sponsored coffee or two to goody bags and more; redemption is easy with a simple tap while over-claiming is prevented.
  • Merchandise Collection. Easily manage pre-booked merchandise collection. A simple tap by the attendee lets you quickly see what they have ordered and mark it as collected.
  • RFID Cloakroom. Forget paper cloakroom tickets; attendees can use their RFID badges or wristbands to store and retrieve coats and bags.
  • VIP Merchandising. For a VIP shopping experiences guests can store their purchases and collect them later with just a simple RFID tap.
  • Speedy Ordering. Guests can register their preferred drink and then order with a quick tap.
  • Measure bar consumption. Use RFID to manage free drink consumption and bar usage. Control allowances from a fixed number to unlimited free drinks. Vary allowances for different groups or individuals, e.g. unlimited allowances for VIPs or hosts.
  • RFID Tokens. From bar tokens to fairground rides. RFID tokens are easily added to a wristband or badge and easily redeemed. They give you full real-time reporting on usage too.
  • RFID Table and Seat Finders. The smart replacement for printed seating plans. Guests just tap their RFID token on the e-plan and their table or seat is highlighted. A great guest experience and practical for organisers. It’s easy to make late changes in real-time.
  • Tap Competitions. A great opportunity for sponsorship and a lot of fun. Just tap to see if you are a winner.
  • Social Media Integration. Let attendees link their RFID tokens to their Social Media Accounts. They can then upload photos and status updates with a simple tap.



  • Increase event security with RFID Event Access Control.
  • Manage Access to zones within an event.
  • RFID Access Control using mobile scanners, fixed readers or a combination of both.
  • Personalised greetings
  • Automated alerts.
  • Fast wristband exchange
  • Rapid smart RFID name badge printing
  • Experiential RFID to engage and impress your audience
  • Easy seminar management
  • Easy to request more information.
  • Smart seat and table-finders.
  • RFID tokens: wristbands, badges, keyfobs and more.
  • Manage giveaways.
  • RFID Cloakrooms and VIP Shopping.
  • Merchandise Collection.
  • Helps ensure Safety Compliance.
  • Gamification.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Real-time event reporting.

We get enormous satisfaction from doing a good job for our clients and we’re very proud to get feedback like this:

"We work with Michele and the team from InSite for one of our biggest and most complicated events of the year, leading to huge improvements on our guest list management - making a great first impression on our guests and enabling us to better manage the invite process and understand who attended.

More important than the technology are the people - I was so amazed by their dedication, determination and attention to detail as they worked hand in hand with our team onsite in very busy circumstances - remaining calm and patient and making our jobs as event organisers much easier."

Amy Brown

Head of Events, Google EMEA