VIP Access Control & Event Management

VIP Access Control & Event Management

With our flexible VIP Access Control and Event Management Software we offer tailored solutions to help deliver memorable VIP events.

We’ve worked with product launches, executive briefings, conferences, pop-ups, awards ceremonies, balls and more.

All our software is developed in-house in the UK allowing us to also offer bespoke development services turning ideas into reality.

VIP Entry Control
VIP Guest List Check-in
Access Control for Balls
RFID TouchScreen E-TableFinder
VIP Access Control and Guest List Check=In With Photo



E-Guest Lists & VIP Access Control

Fast, efficient, informative software to help you manage your event.

  • Easy to set up and add, edit and import data.
  • Get people onto site quickly and efficiently with fast VIP entry control.
  • Manage last minute changes and additions with real-time updates.
  • Personalise the guest check-in experience. Prompt staff with the information they need to greet the guest. From the proper mode of address, “Your Excellency” to, “Congratulations on being shortlisted, good luck in the awards tonight”.
  • Keep people informed with automatic notifications. Let the right people know when VIPS, Speakers, etc. arrive. Notify key account handlers that their guests are here.
  • Prevent ticket sharing and pass passing.
  • Improve security with optional photo pop-up when guests check-in.
  • Issue VIP passes and wristbands quickly and easily if required.
  • See live information for active event management: from real-time on-site numbers on your phone to up-to-date information on who’s arrived and who is still to get here.


VIP Guest Services & Engagement
Audience Engagement and Guest Service solutions to surprise, delight and entertain your guests.

  • Impress your guests with Interactive touch-screen or RFID table and seat finders. Fun for guests but also very practical. Easily change the seating plan in real-time to manage late guest or seat changes.
  • Manage free drink consumption or simply track bar usage using RFID. Guests just tap at the redemption point. You can control allowances from a set number of free drinks to unlimited usage and you can vary the allowance for different groups or individuals, e.g. an unlimited allowance for VIPs or hosts.
  • Control and measure the distribution of VIP perks: from free coffees (limited or unlimited) to BBQ access, goody-bags, pashminas, umbrellas, cream-teas…
  • Upgrade to a RFID cloakroom. Banish paper cloakroom tickets and use RFID for a smart, efficient solution. It also makes it easy to reunite ‘forgetful’ guests with their property!
  • Encourage guest interaction with touch points for sponsor and event information, voting, competitions and more.


VIP Event Reporting and Analysis
Helping you extract, understand and make use of the data gathered at your event.

  • Live Data: Real-time information to help you make informed decisions and actively manage your event: from numbers on site, to who has and hasn’t arrived and how many people are in different zones.
  • Post Event Analysis: measure ROI, understand guest behaviour and plan for the future. Not only who did and didn’t attend but what time did people arrive, when did they leave, what did they interact with and so much more from entry and exit flow rates to average drink consumption.


Fully Managed Registration, Access & Customer Services
Along with supporting your team we can also, if required, provide experienced staff for registration, access management and customer services. Our team have looked after and welcomed guests to events including the Mercury Prize, Google Creative Sandbox at Cannes Lions and more.


  • Configurable, skinnable solutions to match the event branding.
  • Easy to manage guest lists.
  • Make last minute changes in real-time.
  • Efficient, fast registration and event entry.
  • Secure VIP access control.
  • Optional check-in photo pop-up.
  • Personalised greetings with prompts for registration staff.
  • Automatic arrival notifications.
  • Zone entry control: VIP Bar, Green Room, Backstage, etc.
  • Personalise access rights for different areas.
  • Live on-site and in-zone figures.
  • Audience Engagement Solutions to suprise, delight and entertain.
  • E-Table Finders - updateble in real-time with last minute changes.
  • RFID Cloakrooms.
  • Touchscreen voting & RFID competitions.
  • Manage VIP Perks from goody bags to free drinks.
  • Live dashboard for active event management.
  • Optional pass and wristband issue.
  • Comprehensive data from arrival times to guest interactions.
  • Post event analysis for future planning and measuring event ROI.
  • Custom development to bring your ideas to life.
  • Full support from our experienced events team.

We get enormous satisfaction from doing a good job for our clients and we’re very proud to get feedback like this:

"We work with Michele and the team from InSite for one of our biggest and most complicated events of the year, leading to huge improvements on our guest list management - making a great first impression on our guests and enabling us to better manage the invite process and understand who attended.

More important than the technology are the people - I was so amazed by their dedication, determination and attention to detail as they worked hand in hand with our team onsite in very busy circumstances - remaining calm and patient and making our jobs as event organisers much easier."

Amy Brown

Head of Events, Google EMEA