Event Access Control & Management

Event Access Control and Management

Our Event Access Control and Management Software with its live reporting offers a flexible, scalable solution for any event: Entry Control, Fast-Track VIP Entry, RFID, On-Site Services and more.

Ticket Validation

Ticket Validation

Ticket Scanning

Ticket Scanning

Drive In Ticket Verification and Car Park Management

Drive In Ticket Verification – (also if the car has a roof!)

RFID Wristband Scanning

RFID Wristband Scanning

Wristband Scanning

Wristband Scanning

Ticket Scanning

Fast Ticket Verification

Event Access Control

Our fully secure access control system is engineered to help you get people on site quickly with its rapid entry scanning and ticket validation.


A Flexible Ticket Scanning Solution

The system is fully configurable supporting scanning at multiple entrances. You can control security within the event too with access scanning into internal zones such as VIP areas, production, etc.

Our scanning solution is easy to use and flexible to deploy for event access control wherever you need it. We’ve provided access control at minus 18 degrees 6,500 feet up a mountain and on a beach at 34 degrees; in muddy fields with storm force gales and at white-tie VIP events in listed buildings. We go anywhere and so does our system!

There’s full real-time reporting, improving site safety and letting you deploy resources dynamically.

The system supports scanning tickets from multiple sources. We’ve automated, real-time interfaces with numerous ticketing partners. If you have a different preferred supplier our api allows for easy integration . It’s also simple to load data from files.

Considering RFID Access Control as an option? Tap here for more information.


Live Capacity Management for Safe Events

Our ticket scanning software ties in with our capacity management solution which gives live numbers on site and raises real-time, automatic alerts when capacity is neared or reached. This allows switching to one-out-one-in as needed for active capacity control.

And for managing capcity at non-ticketed events, there’s our e-clicker solution below.

You can read more about Capacity Management by tapping here.


Non-Ticketed and Non-Invite Events

For non-ticketed events our E-clicker solution gives live on site figures for real-time capacity management and access control. It also provides non-ticketed events with many of the reporting benefits of ticketed events: peak entry times, busiest entrances, etc.


Drive-In Ticket Scanning

Our ticket scanning system can scan tickets through car windscreens and lets you quickly and easily verify tickets at drive-in events.


Guest-List Management

Easily create and manage your event guest-list then check-in guests quickly with our smart, tablet based app. See who has or hasn’t arrived yet and numbers on site with the live reporting. Get notified of VIP arrivals, prompt with personalised greetings and more. You can load data from multiple sources and for last minute changes it’s easy to add guests and edit your guest-list in real-time.


Ticket Collection and Wristband Exchange There’s built in support for ticket collection and wristband exchange, including RFID and barcoded wristbands. It’s fast and efficient and easy to see what needs to be issued. There’s full collection reporting too.

There’s built in support for ticket collection and wristband exchange, including RFID and barcoded wristbands. It’s fast and efficient and easy to see what needs to be issued. There’s full collection reporting too.


Crew Management

We’ve some helpful solutions for crew management too.

  • Accreditation: Fast and easy issuing of wristbands & passes. Fully configurable with easy to set role-appropriate access rights.
  • Crew Catering: Straight-forward, flexible software solution to manage crew catering with easy to set meal allowances. It improves efficiency and reduces waste plus there’s real-time reporting for the kitchen.

  • Keeps events safe and secure.
  • Powerful event access control and entry management.
  • Fast and easy Ticket verification.
  • Live Capacity Management for attendee safety and comfort.
  • Manage one-in-one-out / one-out-one-in visitor flow.
  • Flexible deployment for any site.
  • Manage VIP and fast-track entry alongside general access.
  • Control entry and restrict access within the event: from VIP zones to crew only areas.
  • Works online or offline with automatic failover in case of network or WIFI failure.
  • Live dashboard for informed decision making.
  • Actively manage crowd flow and distribution: see the hotspots and direct people to the less busy zones and gates.
  • Post-event analysis and reporting.
  • Real-time reporting includes numbers on site, numbers different areas, access rates, ...
  • Drill down to see exactly who is on site.
  • Track VIP arrivals, etc.
  • Scan RFID, barcode, mobile, paper, wristband, tickets, etc.
  • Choose from robust handheld readers, fixed readers or self-serve mobile scanning.
  • Scan tickets from multiple sources: easy file upload plus automated, real-time interfaces with our numerous ticketing partners.
  • Fully scalable to support any size of event from large multi-day festivals for 70,000 to corporate events and intimate VIP evenings for 200.
  • Scan crew passes, and manage restrict access to different areas, as well as public tickets.
  • Manage access of not just entry tickets but car park bookings, camping spaces, etc.
  • Supports additonal services from pre-booked merchandise collection to secure, smart cloakrooms.
  • Components work together or alone for light-weight or full-scale deployment depending on the needs of the event.