Crowd Safety & Capacity Management

Crowd Safety & Capacity Management

Our event capacity software provides live numbers on site for advanced crowd safety and real-time event and venue capacity management.

Crowd Safety and Capacity Management

Event Crowd Safety

Real-time Information

Our smart solution allows free and non-ticketed events to measure attendance and quantify ROI.

Our integrated e-clickers and real-time dashboard give live numbers on site or in an area along with a wealth of other information such as flow rates at gates, peak numbers on site, etc.

It’s not just non-ticketed events that benefit, the Oversight system supports ticketed events too with its open interface and integration with many ticket providers.


Enhanced Event Safety

The real-time data provided by Oversight provides you with the information you need to deliver first-class crowd safety at your event; letting you manage flow rates, go to one-out-one-in when necessary and direct attendees for safe, effective crowd distribution.

Oversight’s flexible deployment puts the information in the hands of those who need it; gate and area supervisors, as well as event control, can see what’s happening in real-time for rapid response and dynamic on-the-ground decision making and crowd management.


Managing High Risk Areas

Oversight lets you see not just numbers on site but numbers in individual areas too; if you have an area or areas within an event which are popular but have limited capacity you have the information you need to manage access to these areas responsively, staying safe while letting the maximum number of people enjoy themselves – no more overcrowding in the Big Top!


  • Gives you oversight and control.
  • Keeps events safe.
  • Stops overcrowding.
  • Helps keep you within the terms of your license and insurance.
  • Improves attendees welfare and enjoyment.
  • Intelligent crowd management.
  • See remaining capacity immediately and easily switch to one-out-one-in as needed.
  • Reserve space for VIPs, etc.
  • Use your resources efficiently deploying staff to where they are needed.
  • Manage free, unticketed events as well as ticketed.
  • Measure attendance and ROI on free and unticketed events.
  • Easy to deploy: low infrastructure requirements.
  • Deployable on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs putting the information in the hands of gate supervisors, Event Control and whoever needs it.