Festival Ticket ScanningWhat a brilliant event. It was busy but it was great.


The InSite team were scanning and verifying tickets at Reminisce 2019 where the speed and ease of use of the system came into it’s own ensuring that there were no hold-ups getting people onto site.


Our flexible ticket system is able to take tickets from multiple sources including our live feed with Ticket Quarter and tickets sold via Skiddle and Ticket Master amongst others and whatever the source all tickets were held to the same high standard of checks.


The live dashboard gave realtime on-site numbers for the events team who could see minute-by-minute how busy the gates were and the access flow rate. It also meant that the team could provide the police and site officials accurate figures at all times, keeping everyone happy.


We really enjoyed the event and are so proud of our team, to get the following feedback was the icing on the cake.


“As head of production at the Reminisce Festival, the team and I were incredibly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of Michele and everyone at Insite. Processing and scanning many thousands of customers in a couple of hours is absolutely critical to our success and Insite gave us absolute confidence that it would run smoothly. One less thing to stress about on event day is always welcome! We will certainly be inviting them back in the future.” Chris Rudall, Production Manager, Reminisce Festival