Project: Womad.
Activity: Access Control; Collections; Child Welfare.
Brief: Rapid issuing of wristbands including real-time metrics; Child Welfare (linking teenagers to accompanying adults).
InSite Technology: Collections, Access; Child Welfare; Utilities; Analytics.

Attendees at Womad swap their paper collection note for a wristband when they arrive at the event. Once again we were on hand providing the technology to scan the collection notes (or paper or on the customer’s phone), validate it and issue the correct wristband and mark the customer as ‘arrived’. Instant replication of collection information and tie-in with the ticket sales system prevented duplicate collection attempts and caught any cancelled or invalid collection notes presented.


The real-time data from the system provided an accurate minute-by-minute picture of arrivals and activity at the gates allowing responsive, flexible deployment of resources as demand changed as carparks filled up, people arrived after work, etc.


On arrival teenagers’ wristbands were linked to the accompanying adult so that if any teenagers were found ‘worse for wear’ their guardian could be found quickly.


Between events Womad uses the data obtained in planning resource allocation for the following event with an eye on efficiency, best possible resource management and a great customer experience.


  • Liverpool International Music Festival
  • Southport Flower Show
  • Barclaycard Center Madrid Launch
  • Barclaycard Arctic Disco at Snowbombing
  • Infiniti Gate at the Frankfurt Motorshow
  • Wings International Scout & Guide Camp
  • Barclaycard Mercury Prize
  • The Skills Show UK
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • T in the Park
  • Trinity Commemoration Ball