Trinity Commemoration Ball

Trinity Commemoration Ball

Project: Trinity Commemoration Ball.
Activity: Access Control; Registration; Experiential, Social Media Integration, Photography.
Brief: Secure Access Control; Fast Entry; Personal, Efficient, High-Quality Guest Welcome; Real-time Attendance Figures; Guest Engagement.
InSite Technology: Access, Collections, Issuance, Utilities, Social Media, Roaming Photobooth, Cloakroom, Casino App, Analytics.


The Trinity Commemoration Ball went with a swing.


Prior to the event guests were issued with a RFID wristband which acted as access both to the ball and also to a range of guest services.


When guests arrived at the ball they were quickly and efficiently scanned into the event, giving guests rapid access while ensuring a safe and secure event. Meanwhile, via the dashboard, organisers could see in real-time how many people were on site.


Internal scanning also took place at key points to ensure only authorised personnel accessed key areas such as backstage, dressing rooms, etc.


On arrival guests used their wristbands to check their coats into the cloakroom so there were no pesky cloakroom tickets to be lost!.


During the party our roaming photography team mingled with guests looking for photo opportunities and producing Trinity Commemoration Ball personalised photos for guests to take home as an event reminder. Guests could also tap their wristbands and automatically post their photos to social media to share with their friends.


New for the Trinity Commemoration Ball was our Casino App. All guests were issued with free chips to try their hand at the casino, our app allowed them to check their chips in and out of the bank to track the most (and least) successful player of the night.


We closed the night, and welcomed the morning, by taking the Trinity Commemoration Ball Survivors Photo which was proudly loaded onto the event’s official Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.


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