T in the Park

T in the Park

Project: T in the Park.
Activity: Crew Management.
Brief: Rapid, Flexible Crew Accreditation; Crew Catering including real-time metrics for resource management.
InSite Technology: Accreditation, Crew Catering, Utilities, Analytics.


T in the Park is a major UK festival that takes place near Perth, Scotland. A three-day festival it attracts an audience of around 85,000 and its delivery requires a crew team to match.


This is the second year we have worked with DF Concerts (the festival) promoters to provide staff accreditation services. Our accreditation system allows rapid crew logging and distribution of the correct passes, as well as cancellation of lost passes, etc. With such a large site and so many crew arriving, the flexible nature of the accreditation system again proved its worth allowing for multiple accreditation points including at campsites and carparks.


Once again our Crew Catering system was in use at T in the Park, controlling meal allocation and helping reduce wastage. Meal allocation is controllable down to individual level and the Crew Catering system validates meal allowance and records redemption. The catering staff could see not only how many people were eating breakfast, etc. each day but also in real-time how many people had already eaten during the current meal period. The Crew Catering system is flexible enough to account for such things as picnic lunches collected at breakfast and take-away meals collected for others, ensuring accuracy of data. This allows for much more responsive, planned and flexible catering, avoiding excess meal production and reducing wastage and costs while increasing efficiency.


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