Barclaycard Mercury Prize

Barclaycard Mercury Prize

Project: Barclaycard.
Activity: Awards Ceremony; Brand Awareness; Experiential; Access Control.
Brief: Personal, efficient, high-quality guest welcome and customer services; VIP welcome; Secure Access Control; Attendance Reporting and Activity Metrics; Audience Engagement.
InSite Technology: Access, Issuance, Table Finder, Analytics.


Barclaycard showcased the adaptability of their BPAyBand at the Mercury Prize.


Our team greeted guests as they arrived and scanned their Barclaycard BPaybands to verifiy the guests and direct them appropriately. On scanning VIPs were flagged so staff could greet them by name and arrange for them to be escorted into the venue. Competition winners were also flagged up so that they could be welcomed and directed to collect the rest of their prize.


A special Barclaycard reception was also taking place for VIPs and our team also scanned access into this event ensuring only the invitees could attend.


As well as providing event security our Access Control System also provides useful real-time information on arrivals and, especially with a live televised event, the floor manager was keen on minute by minute updates on arrivals at the Roundhouse.


We also provided guest customer services, helping those who had mislaid their BPayBands, needed directions, etc.


The In-Site Table Finder was also in use. Guests could tap their wristband to see where they were sitting as well as the name of their table-host.


Post event Barclaycard were able to analyse the data collected to enhance their understanding of the event and audience behaviour and help with planning future events.

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