Barclaycard Center Madrid Launch

Barclaycard Center Madrid Launch

Project: Barclaycard.
Activity: Launch Event, Brand Awareness; Experiential; Access Control.
Brief: Personal, efficient, high-quality guest welcome and customer services; Secure Access Control; Attendance Reporting and Activity Metrics; Audience Engagement.
InSite Technology: Access, Issuance, VIP Cloakroom, Competition App, Analytics.

Barclaycard held an exclusive VIP launch evening to introduce the new Barclaycard Center Madrid.


Guests at the launch had Barclaycard BPaybands which were verified as the guests entered using the InSite Access Control system. As well as providing event security this also provided useful real-time information on arrivals so that event activities could be planned accordingly.


The Barclaycard BPaybands were also used by guests to check-in and collect items from the cloakroom using the integrated InSite Cloakroom App. Being in Madrid we didn’t check many coats but as the weather was a little unkind, (yes, we went to Madrid and it rained!), we did check lots of umbrellas, along with the usual bags, laptops, tablets, etc. Using the wristband as a check-in device meant that guests didn’t need to keep track of a cloakroom ticket and forgotten items (it always happens) could easily be re-united with their owners.


The InSite Competition App was also in use at the launch. Guests could tap their Barclaycard BPay band on the plinth-mounted tablet to see if they had won a prize. This caused much excitement with people keen to see if they were winners.


Post event Barclaycard were able to analyse the data collected to enhance their understanding of the event and audience behaviour and help with planning future events.


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