Google Creative Sandbox at Cannes Lions

Google Creative Sandbox at Cannes Lions

Project: Google Creative Sandbox.
Activity: Wristband Collection; Access Control; Event Capacity Management; Brand Experience; Customer Services.
Brief: To provide secure access to the very popular, invitation only, Google Beach Party at the Google Creative Sandbox at the Cannes Lions Festival; Facilities to manage wristband issue and collection during the Cannes Lions week at the Google Creative Sandbox and peripatetically at other events and venues around Cannes; Real-time information on RSVPs for guest list and account management; Entry and Exit control and Queue Management for the Google Beach Party, to ensure party capacity was not exceeded for the safety and pleasure of guests while still allowing the maximum number of guests to enjoy the event; Real-time information on attendance; Post event data analysis.
InSite Technology: Access, Collections, Issuance, Utilities, Capacity Management, Analytics.

During the weeklong Cannes Lions Festival, Google host their incredible Creative Sandbox where the advertising community come to both relax, and be informed and inspired by trying out Google’s latest innovations, and hearing from a diverse and exciting range of speakers. The fun atmosphere peaks on the Thursday evening with the famous Google party, where this year 1,500 guests packed the Sandbox to be party the night away with Rudimental and Goldierocks.


This is an enormously popular, oversubscribed, invitation-only event and management of the guest list is extremely important.


Guests who RSVPd were issued with RFID wristbands that served as their access ticket to the party. Wristband issue ran full-time at the Google Sandbox but also at other Google hosted events in other locations in Cannes when the versatility of the Collections and Issuing system came into its own as we dashed from one location to another.


Accurate, real-time information on invitees and RSVPs was of course vital as the popularity of the event led to some interesting conversations at the registration desk with creative non-invitees.


One of the great strengths of the InSite systems is the availability of real-time data and we tracked and provided continuous information for the Google team on who had RSVPd, who had collected their wristbands, who still needed to do so, etc.


On the evening of the party the Access Control system came into its own, swiftly scanning guests into the party, validating wristbands while ensuring queues didn’t form and guests weren’t held up. Capacity at the event was strictly limited to 1,500 on the beach at any time to ensure the safety and comfort of guests and ensure their enjoyment was not marred by overcrowding. However, given the extreme popularity of the event the organisers wanted to maximise the number of attendees able to enjoy Google’s hospitality. Attendees were scanned out as they left the party and the real-time information provided by the In-Site system allowed a one-in-one-out process to come into operation when the party reached maximum capacity.


The Google team were able to see in real-time how many guests were on the beach, who had arrived, who had left, etc. VIPs were also flagged on scan in so that they could be greeted and escorted appropriately.


Meanwhile, even as the party was in full-swing, customer services remained busy with people who had forgotten to collect or lost their wristbands


Post event Google now have a raft of data about the event: when wristbands were collected, peak arrival times, average length of stay at the party (several hours), how many people visited more than once, etc. to assist with planning for future events.


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